Want an Atom feed of your Facebook news feed, ie your friends' posts, that you can subscribe to and read in your favorite RSS feed reader?


You need your own Facebook app because Facebook doesn't let apps see your news feed, except if you're the app owner. So we make you the app owner!

Here's how to create your app:

  1. Click here to create a new Facebook app.
  2. Enter My Atom Feeds in the text box, then click Create New Facebook App ID.
  3. Select Utilities in the Category drop-down, then click Create App ID.
  4. Enter https://facebook-atom.appspot.com/ as the Site URL, then click Next.
  5. Click Skip to Developer Dashboard.
  6. Click the Show button next to App Secret. Enter your password if Facebook asks you for it.
  7. Copy the App ID and App Secret into the text boxes above.